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Wormhole Newsletter February 2017

February 2017 Hello Worms We are meeting at the Minnreg building this month just to confuse everyone. It is located at 6340 126th Ave N. That is immediately south of the Honeywell complex at Elmerton and US19. 126th runs between US19 access road and 66th St. The bird show is scheduled for Sunday so there… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter January 2017

January 2017 Hello Worms We meet at the Oakhurst United Methodist Church located at 13400 Park Blvd. I will not make this meeting. I will be at the Tampa EOC activation for the 2016 college football Championship Game. Our esteemed Vice President will preside so everyone be on good behavior 😉 Talk-in is on the… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter December 2016

News from THE GLORIOUS SOCIETY OF THE WORMHOLE December 2016 Hello Worms We will again meet at the Oakhurst United Methodist Church located at 13400 Park Blvd. I trust all had a good Thanksgiving with friends and family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. OK, a little early but this is the last newsletter for… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter November 2016

November 2016 Hello Worms Do not go to Walsingham Park for this meeting. October was our last meeting in the park and maybe our last meeting ever in a park. Jim has found another location that meets our requirements and is certainly ok at least for now. It is the Oakhurst United Methodist Church located… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter October 2016

Hello Worms As many of you already know this will be our last meeting at the Walsingham Park location. Jim found a new location but the County has changed the mind of the manager saying we should never have been allowed to use the house at Walsingham Park in the first place so I guess… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter September 2016

Hello Worms It looks like the meeting will be ok this Saturday so the plan is to forge ahead. There is a 60% chance of rain but unless the creek rises too high I will be there at the regular time. Things could be worse, look at Hawaii with two hurricanes, Madeline and Lester, approaching… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter August 2016

Hello Worms The Future is Here article is from an unknown source that was submitted to the Honeywell Retire Newsletter by Jack Stuebs. I find it an interesting list of speculation although I don’t necessarily agree with much of his ideas it makes good fuel for thought … and argument. Several years ago I found… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter July 2016

Hello Worms WOW, it’s Wednesday already. I guess I better move the Wormhole Newsletter to the head of the line. Not a good month for the Worms. First we lost Jim Eberwine and then George’s wife Joanne. I survived another Field Day but it is getting harder. Setup on Friday and Saturday morning was very… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter June 2016

JUNE 2016 Hello Worms We welcome our newest members, Dan , George and Paul , we are at forty-one members. I never expected to see the Wormhole so large and with about half attending the meetings. I would like to thank Paul, KA4IOX for stepping up to fill the club secretary position. The 2016 WormFest… (read more)

Wormhole Newsletter May 2016

May 2016 Hello Worms The Worms are all shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected loss of Bruce Roggenkamp WD9FMI due to a heart attack. Bruce was a friend to all. His smile was contagious. In addition to his non-amateur radio volunteering he was the secretary of the Wormhole and an assistant EC. He… (read more)