VHF/UHF Voice Repeater

anim_antThis system was built and is maintained for the Ham radio club known as the Glorious Society of the Wormhole. It is used by the Ham Radio operators in the St.Petersburg / Tampa bay area.

This repeater system is now controlled by a pair of Pacific Research Solutions RI-300 controllers. That has too many features to be listed here. If you want to know more about this type of repeater controller you will just have to check out their web page. All I can tell you they are like no other controller on the market to date. The programming is performed from telephone remotely or hardwired on site under Windows 98.

The repeaters are using direct FM type modulation to provide excellent clean audio to it’s users.

Here is our equipment list:

Pacific Research Solutions W/Phone Patch / DVR / RBI-3

Controller # 1 = 442.625 Mhz. Motorola Mitrek – Pl Tone = 146.2 Hz..

Controller # 2 = 146.850 Mhz. Motorola Mitrek – Pl Tone = 146.2 Hz.

PE-3 – Three Port Expansion Board.

A =

B =

C =

Here is a block diagram of our system.


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