Reinstatement of Club Dues

For the last several years the club has suspended yearly dues. The money was not needed, and the accounting was cumbersome and time-consuming. However, this has caused a problem for the club. We no longer have an accurate count of our members, and there is some confusion about who is and who is not eligible for the suspended dues.

It was therefore decided by a vote of members, with a quorum present, at the October meeting to reinstate the $20.00 yearly dues.

To facilitate this, we have created an online membership form and a Club Paypal account to accept your yearly dues. You can still submit a printed form if you choose and pay by cash or check at a meeting or you can mail your check to our treasurer. The information for membership renewal is available on our website at

The members present at the October meeting agreed that paying dues to support the organization is an integral part of belonging to our club. The dues we will collect for the calendar year 2018 will in fact not entirely cover our yearly expenses. The difference must be made up by proceeds from our Wormfest Swap meet and from our current treasury.

Dues are due on or before the 1st day of January. Dues paid after September 1st each year will extend your membership through the following calendar year.

Please note: You do not have to be a paid member of our club to receive our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter is free to anyone who requests to be on our mailing list.

We hope you find the new membership process convenient and easy to use. If there are any problems or questions about the process, please feel free to call our Webmaster: Mike Scott email

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