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Please accept my application for membership in The Glorious Society of the Wormhole. I understand membership entitles me to attend meetings, vote on matters placed before the general membership, and other activities befitting a member as specified in The Wormhole Constitution and ByLaws. I further understand that to support ongoing operations of the club requires dues from its members as set by the Board of Directors, currently $20.00. I am aware that my application is subject to approval by the club. I agree to uphold the high standards of the Wormhole while maintaining a sense of humor and will make an effort to assist with projects and functions when asked. I will try to not lose my sense of humor, but if I do, I will not allow my frame of mind to disrupt the ongoing operation of the Wormhole.

I have read the guidelines listed above and agree to strive to be a good Worm. I certify that my FCC Amateur Radio License is current and the class of my license allows the privileges on frequencies used by the Wormhole.