Wormhole Newsletter June 2016

JUNE 2016

Hello Worms

We welcome our newest members, Dan , George and Paul , we are at forty-one members. I never expected to see the Wormhole so large and with about half attending the meetings. I would like to thank Paul, KA4IOX for stepping up to fill the club secretary position.

The 2016 WormFest on the 28th went well. I thank all who helped set up and take down. Particular thanks go to Mike, Dee and George for working the concession between setup and takedown. Mark your calendar for next year … Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

I found an interesting article on the ars technical website about the undersea internet cables. It was rather detailed article with lots of pictures. I skipped reading much but each person has their level of technical interest. One interesting fact is that one cross-Atlantic cable has an amplifier power supply of 9000V. That’s +4500V in England and -4500V on the US end. Current is less than one amp. I am also amazed at how small the fiber is in the cables. Why does a fiber cable need 9000 volts, read the article! Take a look at http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/05/how-the-internet-works-submarine-cables-data-centres-last-mile/

Talk-in is on the Wormhole repeater and I will be monitoring the simplex call frequency, 146.52. The weather forecast is for a beautiful day so we should meet outside and there are only two tables so if you have a folding chair handy you might throw it in the car.


This year we have the opportunity to attend the premier technical conference of the year in our own backyard without paying for travel and expenses of staying in another city/state. The 35th Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference will be held September 16-18, 2016 in St Petersburg at the Hilton Bayfront. Go to the TAPR website at http://www.tapr.org/dcc.html#registration for information and registration. Early registration and discounted fees close September 1.

FROM THE WEBSITE: The ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference is an international forum for radio amateurs to meet, publish their work, and present new ideas and techniques. Presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about recent hardware and software advances, theories, experimental results, and practical applications.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Software Defined Radio (SDR), digital voice (D-Star, P25, Mototrbo, CODEC2, FreeDV) , digital satellite communications, Global Position System (GPS), precision timing, Automatic Packet Reporting System(tm)(APRS), short messaging (a mode of APRS), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), HF digital modes, Internet interoperability with Amateur Radio networks, spread spectrum, IEEE 802.11 and other Part 15 license-exempt systems adaptable for Amateur Radio, using TCP/IP networking over Amateur Radio, mesh and peer to peer wireless networking, emergency and Homeland Defense backup digital communications, using Linux in Amateur Radio, updates on AX.25 and other wireless networking protocols.


Spaceweather.com May 12, 2016 Anyone watching a compass needle point steadily north might suppose that Earth’s magnetic field is a constant. It’s not. Researchers have long known that changes are afoot. The north magnetic pole routinely moves, as much as 40 km/yr, causing compass needles to drift over time. Moreover, the global magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century.

A new study by the European Space Agency’s constellation of Swarm satellites reveals that changes may be happening even faster than previously thought. Go to the website to read more and to see a map where blue depicts where Earth’s magnetic field is weak and red shows regions where it is strong. http://spaceweather.com/

Actually there is a lot of neat information on the website if you poke around. To see the above information use the “archive” function with the date of May 12, 2016.



BBC NEWS bbc.com Tech 17 May 2016

The email addresses and private messages of more than 470,000 members of a hacking website have been leaked online following a huge data breach.

The Nulled website was a popular marketplace for stolen account details and hacking tips. The leaked data contained more than 5,000 purchase records relating to the exchange of stolen information. The site has been taken offline, stating it is undergoing “routine maintenance”.

Nulled sold access to a VIP message board where cybercriminals could exchange tips.

Researchers at Risk Based Security said the data dump contained the “complete forum’s database” including 12,600 invoices, usernames, members’ PayPal addresses and IP addresses. It also contained millions of forum posts and private messages detailing illegal activities. And some of the data could be used to work out members’ identities, if they did not take steps to conceal it.

Risk Based Security added the website had used message board software with known vulnerabilities, and the site also used a weak hashing algorithm to protect members’ passwords.

The data breach was confirmed by independent security researcher Troy Hunt. “Data breaches like this remind us that even criminal elements are not immune from having their identities disclosed and released publicly,” said Mr Hunt. “While many of them no doubt took precautions to hide their true identities, inevitably many others will now be feeling very nervous at the prospect of being outed while engaged in fraudulent activities.”


ars technical, GEARS & GADGETS, PRODUCT NEWS by Peter Bright May 23, 2016
Windows Vista was a shock to many Windows users, as its hardware requirements represented a steep upgrade over those required to run Windows XP: most 32-bit versions required a 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, DirectX 9 graphics, and 40 GB of mass storage with 15GB free. But those 2006-era requirements looked much less steep once Windows 7 rolled out in 2009: it required almost the same system specs, but now 16GB of available disk space instead of 15. Windows 8 again stuck with the same specs and, at its release, so did Windows 10.

But the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (referred to in documentation as version 1607, so it ought to ship in July) changes that, with the first meaningful change in the Windows system requirements in almost a decade. The RAM requirement is going up, with 2GB the new floor for 32-bit installations. This happens to bring the system in line with the 64-bit requirements, which has called for 2GB since Windows 7.

The changed requirements were first spotted by Nokia Power User and WinBeta.

These hardware demands are only particularly relevant for system builders; they’ll need to meet the new specs for machines that ship with Windows 10 preinstalled. Windows will still install and run on machines with less than 2GB; it’ll just run better on systems with more memory.

This isn’t the only hardware change that comes this summer. The initial Windows 10 specifications said that after July 28, all new systems must ship with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. The TPM is used for various cryptographic purposes, including storing disk encryption keys. Until this cut-off date, OEMs could choose between TPM 1.2 and 2.0; TPM 2.0 adds a number of additional encryption capabilities to the 1.2 version.

The new specs also change the acceptable screen sizes for Windows 10. Previously, Windows 10 Mobile could ship on phones and tablets with screens up to 7.9 inches, with full Windows 10 on devices with screens of 8 inches or greater. Both of these ranges are now expanded, with Windows 10 Mobile accepted on screens less than 9 inches, and desktop Windows 10 now allowed on anything with a screen of 7 inches or greater.

Previous updates to the specs enabled the support for Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 in Windows Mobile. However, ARM support remains stubbornly restricted to 32-bit, with no 64-bit support for any of the 64-bit ARM processors. Microsoft representatives said at its Build conference in 2015 that a 64-bit ARM compiler was in development, and the company hinted that it would become available by the end of last year. It seems that it is still not finished.


Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY EDT May 31, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — Although Myspace is a mere shadow of its former self, users who had accounts on the once-mighty social networking site should be aware that their old information could be up for sale online.

Time Inc., which bought the social networking site in February, said Tuesday names and passwords from more than 360 million Myspace accounts were compromised.

According to Time, the data was limited to usernames, passwords and email addresses from the platform prior to June 11, 2013, when the site was relaunched with stronger account security.

Founded in 2003, Myspace was a popular social networking site that was particularly beloved by musicians looking to build a following. In its heyday it had as many as 75 million users. But by 2008, had been eclipsed by Facebook as the largest social network worldwide.

Today, it is ranked 1,711 in popularity among sites in the United States, according to Alexa, a business analytics company now owned by Amazon.

But users who at one time had Myspace accounts could still be vulnerable if they haven’t been practicing good password hygiene.

Multiple surveys have found that between 50% and 75% of U.S. Internet users have one password they use on most if not all of their online accounts.

Hackers know this and routinely create databases of stolen emails address and passwords, which they can try on different sites to see if they work.

For example, with a known link between the email address MissPiggy@theriver.com and a password of Muppets4ever on an old Myspace list, a hacker might try the same user ID and password combination on newer sites such as Facebook, or a bank or an email account.

The number of user names and passwords in the breach is so large that even if 5% still work, “it’s still a significant number,” said Ryan Stolte, chief technology officer at Bay Dynamics, a San Francisco cyber security firm.

Criminal cyber attack rings are very organized about how they use the data the steal or buy on the cyber underground.

“They’ve got smart programs that can try variations of these passwords that will work and then they’ve got rooms of people typing in these passwords, kind of a password call center,” Stolte said.

Another danger is to former Myspace users is phishing emails. Spammers often use news of big breaches or dumps of old account information to try to trick the unwary into clicking on dangerous links. Users should beware of clicking on links in any emails purporting to be able to fix their Myspace breached info.

Myspace has invalidated the passwords of all known affected users and will notify them. It is also monitoring for suspicious activity that might occur on Myspace accounts, the company said.

“Our information security and privacy teams are doing everything we can to support the Myspace team,” Jeff Bairstow, Time Inc. executive vice president and chief financial officer said in a statement.

The breach didn’t affect any of Time Inc.’s systems, subscriber information or other media properties, the company said.

Several caches of old passwords and IDs from other online platforms have appeared for sale recently. Two weeks ago LinkedIn reset passwords for as many as 117 million users whose IDs had been stolen in a 2012 breach after they went up for sale online.


The next meeting is 1100 Saturday morning, June 4 in Walsingham Park. The park is between 102 Ave and Walsingham. If you enter the park from Walsingham the volunteer building where we meet is just inside the gate on the East side. Find the exact location by going to Google maps and entering 27.8797N and 82.8053W. Talk-in is on the Wormhole repeater system.  For those coming to the meeting who cannot hit the repeater we will be monitoring 146.520 simplex, the national calling frequency. We will keep an eye peeled for you. We will take advantage of the cooking facilities with an after-the-meeting Social and wormdog luncheon.


Check in on the club net Thursdays at 1930.  442.625 + with a 146.2 tone or the 2M side at 146.850 – also with a tone of 146.2.  We are always looking for volunteers to be the net control operator.  Anyone interested, talk to one your club officers.



1730 147.030 + Receiver sites and tone info http://www.qsl.net/wd4scd/

St Pete Yacht Club ARC St Petersburg

1830 147.060+ no tone St Pete ARC daily net St Petersburg

1900 144.210 USB CARS, vertical polarization Clearwater

1900 147.135 +146.2 Zephyrhills ARC Zephyrhills

2000 147.165+ 136.5 Brandon ARS from Brandon

2000 50.135 Pinellas ARK Pinellas County

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net, NI4CE system

2030 145.450 Pinellas ARK Pinellas County


1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

1900 50.200 USB 6M net Brandon ARS

1900 28.450 WCF section net Clearwater

1900 NI4CE system WCF Section VHF ARES NI4CE system

1930 145.170 & 442.4 both pl 156.7 Pinellas ACS net Clearwater

1930 147.060 no tone Buy-Sell net on SPARC also on www.buysellnet.net

1930 444.900 +141.3 Sheriff’s Tactical ARC Tampa

2000 NI4CE system WCF Skywarn net NI4CE system

2000 147.105+ 146.2 Tampa ARC net from Tampa

2000 28.365 USB simplex Brandon ARS

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system

2100 28.465 USB 10/10 net from Orlando


1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

1845 147.060 no tone Buy Sell Net from St Petersburg

1930 52.020 simplex Suncoast 6’ers from St Petersburg

1930 NI4CE system WCF Section Digital Info Ne NI4CE system

2000 147.105 146.2 Greater Tampa CERT net from Tampa

2000 146.97- 146.2 Clearwater ARS from Clearwater

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system

2100 NI4CE system Tampa Bay Traders Net non-affiliated


1800 146.52 simplex Hillsborough ARES/RACES North Tampa

1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

1900 444.750 +146.2 Fusion net from Tampa

1930 146.850- & 442.625+ both pl 146.2 Wormhole from St Petersburg

1930 146.6385 -127.3 Lakeland ARC from Lakeland

1915 224.660- no tone St Pete ARC from St Petersburg

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system


1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

2000 147.360+ pl 127.3 METRO ARC Friday Net from St Petersburg

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system


0830 3.911 (7.281 Alt.)+/- QRM WCF Section HF Net from Pinellas County

1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system


1830 147.060 no tone St Pete ARC daily net from St Petersburg

1930 NI4CE system WCF Section Net NI4CE system

2000 147.550 simplex 550 Simplex Net Pinellas County

2030 NI4CE system EAGLE Net, NTS traffic net NI4CE system

2100 144.210 USB Clearwater ARS vertical orientation


Anyone having something for sale or who might be looking for an item let me know.  I will not print phone numbers or email addresses unless specifically told to since this newsletter might end up on the web.  The exception is when I get the information off the web.  If you are a member of the Wormhole then you have all the information you need on a club roster and if you are not a member  .. why not?  OK, if you are not a member you can contact me at the email address at the end of this newsletter, I will give you the information to contact the person involved.

FOR SALE, 13 element, 14.5 ft 220 beam. Wormhole property, $20, contact Bill AG4QX or any other officer. Free to any Wormhole member or other club. Pickup at Bill’s house.


Last full weekend January Winter Field Day, http://www.spar-hams.org/index.php

Late January Gasparilla celebration

March/April MS Walks

March/April Mass Casualty Exercises

Late April Southeastern VHF Society Conference, http://www.svhfs.org

Late April Walk For Babies (was March of Dimes)

Late April Florida QSO Party

Mid-May Annual Armed Forces Crossband Test

Mid May MS 150 bike ride

Mid-May Florida Hurricane Exercise

Late May Wormfest

Early June Museum Ships on the Air

Fourth weekend in June Field Day http://www.arrl.org/contests/announcements/fd/

July 3/4 Midnight Run in Largo

August International Lighthouse/Lightship Week

October, 3rd weekend JOTA, Scout Jamboree-on-the-AIR

Early December ALS bike ride in Walsingham Park

December, first full weekend Ride & Run With The Stars in Fort DeSoto Park

December, Second full weekend Tampa Bay Hamfest



July 23 LARCFest, Lakeland, The Revolution Church of Lakeland, 7315 Kathleen Road, Talkin on 146.685 -127.3. No information on their website http://lakelandarc.org. Contact Kevin Rought, N4KWR at 863-393-4336

August 20 TARCFest, TARC Clubhouse, 22nd St at the river, $4 entry plus $3 to tailgate, inside tables $15 in advance, talkin on 147.105 +146.2, more info at http://hamclub.org/

September 16-18 The ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference, Hilton St Petersburg Bayfront Hotel, 333 1st Street South, , contact Maty Weinbert at the ARRL, maty@arrl.org, 860-594-0229, for more information goto http://www.tapr.org

September 26 Pasco Co Hamfest, Gunn Highway Flea Market, intersection of SR54 & Gunn Highway, $3 entrance, $3 tailgating, go to website at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sarcmail/info?yguid=243291920 or contact Don Nystron KA2KDP at 727-868-0176

November 12 SPARCFest, Pinellas Park,  SPARCFest, FREE,  Freedom Lake Park, 9990 46th St N, Southeast corner of US 19 and 49th Street, Talk-in on 147.060+ no tone. VE testing at 0900. For more information go to http://www.sparc-club.org/sparcfest.html

December 9 & 10 Plant City, the 2015 Tampa Bay Hamfest is the West Central Florida Section Convention, Friday and Saturday, at the Ag Building in the Strawberry Festival grounds, for information contact Bill Williams AG4QX, chairman@fgcarc.org or go to http://www.tampabayhamfest.org or you can just ask me, Jim or Dee 😉


February 10, 11, 12 Orlando Hamcation, Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4603 West Colonial Drive, Tickets $13 in advance, $15 at door. Talkin 146.4760 – no PL or D-Star 146.850 -, all the information at www.hamcation.com or call 407-841-0874

May 27 WormFest 2017, Pinellas Park,  FREE,  Freedom Lake Park, 9990 46th St N, southeast corner of US 19 and 49th Street, 33782.  Park opens at sunrise, hamfest from 0800 till…  Talkin on 442.625 + or 146.850 – both with a tone of 146.2.  For a map and directions see http://www.TheWormholeSociety.org .


Bill AG4QX is President and editor of this newsletter, Vice-President is Mike K4ZPE,  Treasurer is Jim KD4MZL, Paul KA4IOX is the Secretary, Dee N4GD is the Repeater Trustee and Neil W4NHL and Mike K4ZPE are our club webmasters.


442.625 +  PL 146.2

146.850 –  PL 146.2

The Wormhole repeaters are both now dual mode Yaesu DR-1X. FM analog as always and now Yaesu Fusion, a C4FM/FM digital mode. The repeater crew updated the software on May 3, 2016.


The Wormhole website is at: http://www.TheWormholeSociety.org.

West Central Florida Section website:  http://www.arrlwcf.org/.

The ARRL website is at: http://www.arrl.org/

This newsletter is written for The Glorious Society of the Wormhole, an ARRL affiliated amateur radio club located around the Seminole section of Pinellas County Florida. Anyone wishing to be added or removed from The Glorious Society of the Wormhole mailings please write to me at the address below and thy will be done.


Bill Williams


ag4qx AT arrl DOT net

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