Announcement: The Wormhole Ham Radio Club

You have found the Glorious Society Of the Wormhole Ham Radio Club. The Wormhole is an informal group that meets on the first Saturday of each month for coffee, donuts, worm-dogs and burgers. The meetings start at 11:00 am but come early and enjoy the camaraderie and good fellowship of our club. Anyone having an… (read more)


Next Meeting Saturday, March  3rd, 2018 so please come join us!

Meetings are held at the Minnreg Center 6340 126th Avenue North Largo, Florida 33773

They begin at 11 AM but many members come early for coffee and donuts. After the meeting is adjourned we enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.


It’s official we are now “The Glorious Society Of The Wormhole Inc.” We are registered with the state as a non-profit corporation.”

This website has a new look and functions. We have added a calendar, member list, upcoming events tabs and newsletter archives. There is more to come!

Wormhole golf shirts are now available. They are blue with our logo and your name and call.

wormShirt Here is the cost of the Wormhole shirts in all the sizes available. S-XL $20.00 2X $21.50 3X $23.00 4X $24.50 5X $26.00 6X $27.50 There is $2 shipping each with a minimum of 6 shirts in the order. Send Bill AG4QX an email with your Call and Shirt Size to get on the order list.

Reinstatement of Club Dues

For the last several years the club has suspended yearly dues. The money was not needed, and the accounting was cumbersome and time-consuming. However, this has caused a problem for the club. We no longer have an accurate count of our members, and there is some confusion about who is and who is not eligible… (read more)

James Osborne KI4EN (SK) Ham Equipment Estate Sale

James Osborne, KI4EN, became a Silent Key at 93 at the VA hospital at Bay Pines on 7/27. He was a WW2 veteran. He lived for 40 years in St. Petersburg and was known by many local hams. He built and repaired of radio equipment for himself and others and has a large inventory of… (read more)

Meeting notice

Hello Worms This is an early extra for the newsletter to make sure everyone gets the word. We are meeting at the Minnreg building in February just to confuse everyone. It is located at 6340 126th Ave N. That is immediately south of the Honeywell complex at Elmerton and US19. 126th runs between US19 access… (read more)